Powell Valley Farms Reviews

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Awesome team- always willing to help.

Me and my husband have lived on this property for 2 years now. The first year we were on the lower level and it was great because I was able to have my...

Erica and the office staff are great. Any questions/concerns are answered promptly and they will go out of their way to assist you. The apartments are very...

I've lived at this apartment community going on 5 years. The staff has been above excellent to me since day one. Any maintenance items I've needed have been taken care of within a day of the call! Excellent location! I use the Spring Water Trail every day and there is excellent shopping and little restaurants all within walking distance. Best apartment experience I could have asked for!

So far So Good First off I want to say that I have a disability which has sheltered me from being independent in this world. I went from my family to my husband/abuser/conservator of my entire life to my very own woman. Scary...... just saying the least...... Social skills.... all very brand new, LIFE that is. Lindsey has been exceptional, patient, non judgmental, and very professional with me . I have had a wonderful time getting ready to move into my new home. I was just approved and am ecstatic cant wait to experience this new chapter of my life! Thank you all!

I have been a resident of Powell Valley Farm Apartment for over 15 months now. While I'm not a fan of the cost of living in this area, but it is easy to...

I have lived here for almost two years now. Always get help when I need from management and maintenance. Nice gym and pool area. Compared to high rent everywhere the cost is comparable and the updated unit I live in is great!

My best apartment experience ever! Management was always available to me and addressed any concerns or questions I had. The maintenance crew was amazing! I really can't say enough great things about them. Our freezer stopped working and the next day we had a new one. All of our concerns were addressed the day we notified them. We also loved the location of the apartment building as well as our own apartment. It was an lovely updated apartment and the grounds were always well cared for. Thank you Erica & Emery!

So we have not yet been approved for the apartments here! However the staff have been really nice and willing to do what it takes to help us out!! Nice team!!Lindsey has been amazing!!

As our first apartment in Oregon, it is conveniently located to shopping and entertainment. The leasing office staff is very friendly and professional. The new management team has added so much value. Absolutely love living here.

I have been extreamly happy living here. Any maintainenece issues I have had have been addressed right away and the staff has been nothing but helpful. I have lived in a few other apartments and always had problems but so far everything has been great here. Would recommend for sure!

The staff here is friendly and responsive, maintenance is prompt and efficient and the locale pleasant and quiet. Washer/Dryer units in the apartment are a HUGE blessing, and with all the amenities provided, it almost feels like living in a house. The sound level between floors and walls is minimal, and the other tenants are friendly and keep to themselves. It's a pain to haul your trash to the central garbage cans, but aside from that I would highly recommend Powell Valley as a great place to live. :)

We lived there for 18 month and loved living here. Yes, we had some noise problems, but Jessica always handled it. All the staff was always very friendly and helpful and when something needed to be fixed it was done as soon as possible. I never had to wait long, even after office hours. The grounds are kept really well, and they take tenants with big dogs, like our labrador-mix. They have poop bags at the dogs areas. All in all, I would highly recommend this apartment complex.

One of the best apartments we've ever lived at (We've lived here since December). They've got areas all over if you have dogs (one of the few places that are dog friendly even with the larger breeds and actually enforce people cleaning up after their pets), anything that's gone wrong they're very quick to take care of it. Most everyone neighbor wise has been very nice so far! Management is great. Honestly, the only problems you'd have here is the neighbors or people not supervising their kids, but if you talk to management, usually that stuff gets taken care of. It is still apartment living, after all. They can only control so much. =) I can't speak to the other reviews here, but I thought I'd give a recent one from someone still living there and who hasn't been a fan of apartment living until now.

I currently live here, and looking for another option. I have lived here for 2 years now. No big complaints, but I wanted to touch base on a review that was written 3 years ago that just so happens to still be on here and could effect the decision of moving here. I am looking for another option for other reasons related to this apartment complex. The ladies in the office are so nice, and it doesn't take maintenance a long time to get a work order. If you call the office in the afternoon, chances are they have let the maintenance men go for the day. However, they will be at your door at 9am the next morning. There are plenty of places for your children to play without having to sit beside them the entire time. The pool and hot tub are in very good condition as I have used this on many occasions. The work out room is small, but it's free to use! So don't complain! I however, live on the bottom floor. I have had light fixtures fall down off the ceiling because of the excessive stomping around from the upstairs neighbors. Now, I have new upstairs neighbors and all they do is stomp up and down the stairway. I have complained a few times, And I do know that the managers have talked to them. It's not the management or maintenance as to why you have a bad experience, It's your neighbors. I love my apartment, but it's time for something bigger and better.