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Take a look at what our community is saying about living at Powell Valley Farms Apartments in Gresham, OR. Here, we deeply value our resident's voices, and opinions, and it is very important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our Gresham apartments. We deeply appreciate our residents and we want them to feel confident in our awareness of their situations. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at our 97080 community, and we welcome any suggestions on how we can improve. If you’re a past, current, or future resident please share your thoughts with us below. It will only take a few moments, and we would love to hear from you! See for yourself what makes our apartments near Portland completely one of a kind. Experience better living at Powell Valley Farms.


One of the best apartments we've ever lived at (We've lived here since December). They've got areas all over if you have dogs (one of the few places that are dog friendly even with the larger breeds and actually enforce people cleaning up after their pets), anything that's gone wrong they're very quick to take care of it. Most everyone neighbor wise has been very nice so far! Management is great. Honestly, the only problems you'd have here is the neighbors or people not supervising their kids, but if you talk to management, usually that stuff gets taken care of. It is still apartment living, after all. They can only control so much. =) I can't speak to the other reviews here, but I thought I'd give a recent one from someone still living there and who hasn't been a fan of apartment living until now.


I currently live here, and looking for another option. I have lived here for 2 years now. No big complaints, but I wanted to touch base on a review that was written 3 years ago that just so happens to still be on here and could effect the decision of moving here. I am looking for another option for other reasons related to this apartment complex. The ladies in the office are so nice, and it doesn't take maintenance a long time to get a work order. If you call the office in the afternoon, chances are they have let the maintenance men go for the day. However, they will be at your door at 9am the next morning. There are plenty of places for your children to play without having to sit beside them the entire time. The pool and hot tub are in very good condition as I have used this on many occasions. The work out room is small, but it's free to use! So don't complain! I however, live on the bottom floor. I have had light fixtures fall down off the ceiling because of the excessive stomping around from the upstairs neighbors. Now, I have new upstairs neighbors and all they do is stomp up and down the stairway. I have complained a few times, And I do know that the managers have talked to them. It's not the management or maintenance as to why you have a bad experience, It's your neighbors. I love my apartment, but it's time for something bigger and better.




Never did find the farm,,,but had a good time!!

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